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Control of Flying Insect Pests


Golden Touch Pest Control is specialized in the business of Urban Pest Management and Consulting. We employ advance and most updated Pest Management techniques and strategies in order to guarantee our clients a long term Pest Free Environment.Municipality approved Pest Control Procedures for your entire pest control problems.

Our service is guaranteed and tailor made to provide our customers with a safe and long term pest control and pest free solutions.We are specialized in Flying Insects control treatment in UAE. Approved by Dubai and Sharjah Municipality.

The majority of insects have wings in their adult stage and move around mainly by flying. However insects like cockroaches, have wings but are reluctant flyers and mainly use crawling as a form of transportation. Termites and ants are flyers, but only for a brief time in their reproductive stages during their breeding season.

Our dedicated team of pest control technicians applies a highly efficient and comprehensive system to eliminate insects from your home or business. We seek to identify and eliminate contributing factors necessary for the pest’s survival and use multiple strategies to manage the pests.