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1. Is Golden Touch Approved By The Municipality

Yes Golden Touch Is Approved And Listed By Both Dubai And Sharjah Municipalities

 2. Why Should We Hire A Professional Pest Control Company If I Can Do The Job My Self?

A Licenced And Well-Trained Pest Management Professional Is Only Allowed To Apply Pest Control Procedures And Pesticides Here In The Uae.

 3. How Long Will It Take To See Visible Results After The Initial Treatment.

Result Will Vary Depending On The Following.

Type Of Pest

Method Of Treatment

Area & Product Used


Bottom of Form

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

4. Is The Pesticides Used By Golden Touch Safe For Pregnant Ladies, Infants, And Children?

If Your Home Or Business Premises Is Infested With Pests And You Need Attention You Should Let Us Know About Your Pregnancy, Infants Or Children In Your Premises So That We Can Propose A Special Treatment Method In Your Premises Based On The Problem.

Our Customers Safety Is Our Prime Concern and We Make Sure Is Taken Care Off. This Is the Prime Reason You Should Always Hire A Professional Pest Control Company.

5. What Dangers Do Pests Post to My Family And Business?

Pest Can Cause A Variety Of Threats To Your Family, Home Or Business. Food Bourne Illness Causing Bacteria’s Like E.coli, Salmonella Are Transmitted To Food By Pests. Asthmatic And Allergic Reactions, Especially For Children, Are Caused By Common Pests Like Cockroaches, Bed Bugs Etc. Birds, Termites & Rodents Can Also Threaten The Structural Integrity Of Your Homes And Businesses.

6. What Are The Most Common Pests In The UAE & The Region As A Whole?

Some Of The Most Common Pests Include Various Species Of Ants, Cockroaches, Sub-terranean   Termites, Rodents, Birds Especially Stray Pigeons Etc.

7. What Type Of Treatment Methods Does Golden Touch Offer?

Golden Touch Offers A Wide Array Of Treatment Options For Pests From Termites To Birds, Ants To Rodents With Our Integrated Pest Management Program. IPM Treatments Are Applied Using The Latest Application Technics And Products Keeping In Mind The Environment.

8. What Is The Difference Between A Treatment Using Baits Vs Sprays?

Bait Treatments Offer Consumer’s Piece Of Mind If They Prefer Not To Have Liquid Chemicals Applied In Their Premises, The Type And Severity Of The Pests And Other Factors Determine The Type Of Treatment & Technics We Implement.

9. Why Do Flees, Ticks And Bed Bugs Require More Than One Treatment To Control.

Flees, Ticks And Bed Bugs Are Highly Mobile Pests, And Can Be Carried Easily Between Locations Or With In A Premise.

10. What Is The Value Of A Regularly Scheduled Pest Service Even When There Is Not Visible Sighting Of Pests In My Premise’s?

A Regularly Scheduled Pest Service Will Stop Pests Before They Become A Problem. Its Easy To Control Them At This Stage. A Pro Active Approach To Managing Pests Will Keep Your Premise’s Safe From Annoying And Potentially Harmful Pests.

11. Is Pest Management Safe For My Pets.

The Products We Use To Control Pests Have Been Extensively Tested By Renowned Labs And Approved By Epa (Environment Protection Agency) And Ministry Of Environment UAE, All The Pesticides We Use Are Regulated By The Municipalities’ Of Each Emirates And Are Applied By Highly Trained, Certified Professionals.

12. Does Golden Touch Do Non-Chemical Treatments?

Yes, We Do Have Non-Chemical Treatment Options Like Baits, Exclusion & Sanitation.

13. Does Golden Touch Sell Pest Control Equipment’s, Products Etc.

14. Some One knows us

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Yes, Golden Touch Does Sell A Wide Range Of Non-Chemical Pest Control Equipment’s And Products. Golden Touch Is Strategically Tied With Bird X USA To Bring You The latest and best Equipment’s For Bird Control.

For All Further Questions Please Get In Touch With Our Customer Care Rep