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Snake Control


Golden Touch Pest Control is specialized in the business of Urban Pest Management and Consulting. We employ advance and most updated Pest Management techniques and strategies in order to guarantee our clients a long term Pest Free Environment.Municipality approved Pest Control Procedures for your entire pest control problems. Our service is guaranteed and tailor made to provide our customers with a safe and long term pest control and pest free solutions.We are specialised in Snake control treateatment in UAE. Approved by Dubai and Sharjah Municipality.

Residential Snake Control Services  

To save the life of your family and to eliminate snakes, we have healthy and powerful solutions. Our gentle and safe services will not let the pests create trouble in your life now.

Commercial Snake Control Services  

We do not aim at the provision of healthy and safe residential snake control services only. Our focus is to clean your surroundings, buildings, schools and all other commercial places where these pests are creating turmoil.


Rattlesnakes can range from one to eight feet, depending on the species (the big one is the eastern diamondback). They are thick-bodied snakes with keeled (ridged) scales in a variety of colors and patterns. Most species are patterned with dark diamonds, rhombuses or hexagons on a lighter background.

Seeing the situation of emergency in Dubai because of these pests, various pests control methods and the use of Art Gel treatment to eliminate tiny creatures has been approved by the municipal authority in Dubai. We provide guaranteed, safe, gentle, and long term solutions to our clients for pest control.

Why Golden Touch Services?  

Golden Touch has a team of experts experienced in Urban Pest Control and Management. To guarantee 100% pest eradication, we use advanced techniques and updated methods for pest control that are also environment-friendly.

We are providing powerful services for snake control in Dubai for our esteemed clients. The presence of snakes in homes creates a situation of emergency. Therefore; an early removal of snakes is necessary without waiting for a second even. Snakes are very dangerous for human lives. By making use of special chemicals and gum trap techniques, our professionals track the breeding places of these pests for permanent elimination. We aim at providing services for snake control at affordable rates in a short span of time.

Emergency Snake Removal Services  

In the case of any emergency situation, we also provide emergency snake removal services. If you find that you have a snake in your home but do not know where it is, make us a call. Our team is always ready for your help. With our latest techniques and tracking systems, we will help you in cleaning up your surroundings from these fatal pests. Take our services in any emergency to save your life. With our active snake control, we can protect you from these pests.